How do I book a shoot?

Start with sending us a message about your product!

Can I send you examples of what I’d like the photos to look like?

Absolutely! The more details, the better!

Can you include props in the photos?

Yes! We will include basic props at no extra cost. if you have specific props you'd like included in your images, feel free to send them with the product(s).


Contact me with your vision, what you need, and we can customize a quote to fit your brand.

What is your typical timeline?

Our typical turnaround time is 2 weeks.

Do you ship my products back when you’re done?

Yes, if you need/want us to. The cost of return shipping will be included on your invoice or you can provide us with a shipping label.

What kind of license comes with the images?

The photographs become licensed to you for use on a royalty-free basis. We allow unlimited use of these photos in all forms of media including print advertising, packaging, web, television, etc. We do retain the copyrights for delivered photos and the photographs may not be re-sold without permission.

What is your revision policy?

I'm more than happy to revise an image due to an error on my part. However, if images have to be completely re-shot and cannot be tweaked (like written content, etc.), any major creative change requests or additional instructions may come at an additional cost.

Can you take pictures of food products?

Yes! I love food photography. I do not work with meat products.

What about Modeled photos?

We have a database of diverse models and can definitely add this service to the quote.